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Water Sage™ is a map-based data access portal to efficiently search and view water rights information and land ownership across the western US. Water-related research that typically requires days to perform, specialized technical skills, even physical visits to county courthouses and state offices, can be done in minutes. Research and find water rights, create printable water right profiles, and gain insight into water right priority systems and water right value.

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Ponderosa Energy was a business unit of Ponderosa Advisors founded to build and leverage state-of-the-art databases and analytical tools to provide clients with detailed market intelligence for investment in natural gas, NGL, and crude markets. The business unit provided due diligence and development support for specific M&A and new-build opportunities, as well as ongoing strategy support through retainer engagements with diverse clients, including private equity firms, E&Ps, midstream operators, utilities, hedge funds, major manufacturers and foreign investment firms. Ponderosa Energy and related assets were acquired by Drillinginfo in late 2016 and the team continues to provide these services under the Drillinginfo banner. For more information, please contact them at marketIntelligence@drillinginfo.com