About Ponderosa

Ponderosa was founded in 2012 out of a recognition that water rights and related information was difficult to obtain and use. We set out to improve the quality and usability of this vital information so that our clients can:
  • Easily obtain high-quality research and analysis in digestible formats.
  • Confidently self-navigate adjudication and property transactions.
  • Better understand, and thus use, private property rights.
  • Make more informed natural resource management decisions.
  • Achieve cost-effective solutions.

How have we delivered these improvements? Ponderosa Advisors developed the revolutionary land and water rights geospatial platform, B3. B3 allows users to quickly query, visualize, and analyze public datasets of water rights, groundwater wells, and landownership on a user-friendly map. Putting the power of our state-of- the-art software technology in the hands of our seasoned consultants, we’ve developed workflows that allow us to optimize efficiency and thoroughness. The result is that our clients get complete analyses tailored to their needs, and delivered in a timely fashion.