Ponderosa's competitive advantage is the depth and comprehensiveness of its underlying research. This research serves multiple functions:

  • To develop compelling market insights to assist our clients in evaluating or promoting their projects.
  • To proactively create investment opportunities.
  • To build name recognition and a means of early trend detection.
  • To maintain background information that enables Ponderosa to provide client support in a timely manner.
  • To develop a systematic and replicable means to monitor trends over time.

Each research project has articulated objectives that focus on gaining a detailed understanding of the dynamics associated with one or more of the strategic levers used to generate substantial investment returns. Each research tract is responsible for developing databases and analytical software necessary to monitor the issue over time.


Hydrocarbon energy markets are on the verge of a renaissance. At a time when conventional wisdom says that supplies of oil, gas, and other hydrocarbons have peaked, new technologies have unlocked vast new resources. Moreover, many new resources are located in areas where hydrocarbons have not historically been developed. The result is myriad opportunities to invest in all parts of the energy value chain. Ponderosa's exhaustive efforts to understand today's energy market fundamentals combined with their creative, pragmatic approach to discerning investment opportunities, position them as a unique investment partner.


The global markets for hay, corn, wheat and cattle appear to be entering a sustained period of rising prices. Growing global demand coupled with shrinking agricultural resources – principally land and water – is driving this trend, in turn creating significant investment opportunities. Ponderosa's expertise in integrating and analyzing disparate, obscure data sets affords it a significant advantage in translating its agricultural research efforts into actionable intelligence.


Clean water is increasingly becoming a scarce commodity. Municipalities, energy companies and other industrial and agricultural concerns are having difficulty sourcing necessary water supplies. Furthermore, the government continues to tighten quality parameters and other regulations, placing an even greater value on "available" clean water. These factors highlight the value of a formal and fundamental understanding of water flows, accessibility, and availability to aid in supply procurement for consumers, as well as creating informed investments in the sector.